Livery Rafts

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Livery Rafts

The Livery Series was designed specifically for outfitters that rent rafts.

We built a high quality rental raft with eight D Rings, four separate air chambers, RMR Rockguard 2000 Denier 44 ounce PVC main tubes and 2000 Denier 66 ounce floor.

All Welded Seams. All weld on 8 D-Rings and a handle on the bow and stern

The Livery Rafts come in 10.5, 12, and 13 foot lengths. Four separate air chambers with Leafield Valves.

RMR has developed an Integrated Thwart System using our all welded Uni-tube Construction.  This technology allows for the thwart (cross tubes) to inflate at the same time as the main tube. Historically, the weakest part of the raft were where the thwarts connect to the main tubes. With integrated thwarts you no longer need to worry about costly repairs or rafts being out of service

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Non Self Bailing /  Livery Boats
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Looking at the livery and rental business across the US it became obvious that outfitters were looking for a bomber boat that will hold up to abuse, be safe for guests, look great on the water, and be available at a low cost. We have built a raft specifically for your needs.

  • Advantages of renting rafts vs/ canoe:

More stable for customers that have physical limitations.

Inflatables and easily stored in a smaller space.

You can transport up to 50 deflated rafts on one trailer and can easily inflated with a small generator and electric blower.

Raft have a higher guest per rental ratio and have a faster return on investment.


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